I think that we shouldn't edit the poetry of others. It's their writing and we should respect it. However, we should write comments under their work if we have any suggestions, that way we aren't tampering with their way of expressing whatever they were feeling when writing the poem. Thanks.

Peppermint Candy
by Joseph Park

A small parcel with big surprises
Used to disguise the fumes of the past
So abundant but hard to come by
Stimulates your senses
Sound, Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste
Unravelling the clear synthetic wrapper
Revealing the red and white pattern
Polished and perfectly shaped
But sticks like glue when dampened
Has a seductive odour
And packs a toxic sweetness
The aftertaste oh so spicy
Freshening your breath
But soon melts and is forgotten
The sensation only to be found in another
Peppermint Candy

This is my Life
by Siena Hutton

This is my life, my world.
Looking out over the water, I see my past,
And I see my future.
This is it, this is who I am;
Like it or not, I'm not changing.
I will learn to love life,
I will learn to care,
I will learn to reach for the stars,
And I will learn that they can be reached.
I am who I am,
And nobody and nothing can change that.
My friends are my life,
And I love my life,
And everyone in it.

by Siena Hutton

She stands there,
I know she is there.
I can see her.
But is she really?

How can I know that she is there?
Nobody has ever stayed.
Nobody has been there for me when I needed them most.

She's just one girl,
Standing alone.
What can she do?

But she's my sister.
She loves me.
I know she does.

She's there for me,
And I'm there for her.
I love her.

by Siena Hutton

When you meet him,
Your heart stops.
When you open your heart,
Forever seems so close.

But forever is a broken promise,
One no one ever keeps.

When he first kisses you,
Your world turns upside down.
When you feel his fingers locked in yours,
Forever seems so close.

But forever is a broken promise,
One no one ever keeps.

When he looks in your eyes,
You know that something's wrong.
When you hear his words,
Forever is gone.

Forever is a broken promise,
One he wasn't able to keep.