FOR THOSE STUDENTS WHO ALREADY HAVE A WIKISPACE ACCOUNT! (and are having a hard time figuring out how to sign in). This might be because you were in my class last year; or if you are in Mr. Yetman's class or even have your own account created on your own. I have sent you an invitation through the wikispace (the sender is wikispace; not me). You should check the "Social" folder for this email and you should accept the invitation. Use your computer to do this as you may not see it on a mobile device. Wikispace does not allow an email to have more than one username. So, if you already have an account using your email, then I can't make another one for you. This is why you have to sign in differently if you forgot your last year's username/password. As long as you know your email, you can get in.

Still can't sign in? follow these instructions to access my wiki another way:

  1. go to in your browser
  2. type in your email account and password
  3. if you lost your password, click "forgot password" then check your email for the password
  4. Go to the top right corner and click "My Wikis"
  5. You should be able to see my site, there
  6. Click on my site. You're in.
  7. If you want to change your username so that I can figure out who you are, include your first name and last initial somewhere. Otherwise I can't figure out who you are when you post things (i.e. can't give you participation marks)